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The philosophy of our Wellness Area comes from the essential union of body and mind: it is enough to take care of one of the two for the other to benefit.

A connection that has led us to create body treatments signed by MEI SPA: exclusively made in Italy products, based on essential oils from wild plants, which restore inner balance.

Aromatherapy power

Aromatherapy becomes a wellness experience that involves all the senses and emotions raised by the bouquet of the ABSOLUTES – special, entirely pure, alcohol-free essential oils – that meet with massage of the deepest and most lasting effectiveness. Unforgettable rituals that combat physiological aging, stress, physical and emotional tensions.

Exclusive use Laqua Wellness

200€ / 1 hour and 30 minutes

Our Wellness Suite is a small temple of well-being, to be shared with your loved ones or enjoyed in solitude, for moments of pure relaxation.
The experience, lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes, includes:

- Exclusive use of the area with access to the Turkish bath and Finnish shower circuit

- Herbal infusions and fruit beverages

- Fresh seasonal fruit platter and dried fruits

- A choice of 30-minute massage per person



70€ / 30 minutes

110€ / 50 minutes

150€ / 80 minutes


Recover that sensation of absolute lightness with a massage carried out using a blend of active oils with absolutes of edible quality – 100% natural – Oregano, Mandarin and Sweet Orange, completed with a final application of Verbena and citrus neutral draining cream. Draining motions will make this massage not just extremely pleasant but also particularly effective at eliminating water retention, improving circulation and re-oxygenating the tissues.


This pleasant massage with active, 100% natural, fully edible massage oils made with Cedar, Clove and Ylang Ylang, will be an experiential journey.
A delicate touch, slow, deep massaging motions using specific techniques, together with the use of a de-stressing blend, will offer intense easing of tensions and deep relaxation.


A special massage carried out by skilful hands, using a particularly active oil with absolutes of edible quality – 100% natural – Wild Lavender, Chamomile and Achillea. he treatment finishes with application of a naturally de-contracting cream made with Mountain Arnica.
This will relieve stiffness and generally ease contracted muscles. A real cure-all with immediate well-being ensured.

Body Treatments


160€ / 75 minutes

Two-stages body treatment. An initial brushing of the body to gently exfoliate the skin and reactivate the microcirculation, followed by a massage with grape-seed oil produced in Tuscan vineyards in combination with other local essential oils. This oil, containing vitamin E, has a strong antioxidant action and protects the skin from early ageing, atmospheric agents and free radicals. It also has astringent, firming and stimulating effects on the microcirculation.


120€ / 60 minutes

A rush of life and rapid recharge thanks to the detoxing powers of Sicilian sea salt, enhanced by Wild Peppermint of Piedmont essential oil, vegetable extracts of Green Tea and Ginseng root. A treatment which tones and firms up, with a relaxing, antistress action. A pure sensation of relax.

Facial Treatment


120€ / 60 minutes

A natural facelift which offers immediate rejuvenation and a newly regenerated, silky soft skin. The fragrance of sandalwood and green lime peel released from natural essential oils will take you on a sensory journey of regeneration.
It stimulates facial muscles, increasing the production of elastin and collagen.
A deep massage combines with the technique known as Gua Sha (in which a flat jade or quartz stone is used) stimulating lymphatic flow, the elimination of toxins and enhancing circulation of blood in the face.


Please advise our therapists about any health problems, allergies or injuries that could affect the treatment or use the Wellness Suite facilities. For pregnant women please check with the therapist which treatments are available.

Each guest will be asked to fill in a consultation card about general health conditions.
All information will be treated in full respect of the privacy law.

We recommend booking your chosen treatment in advance to ensure the best availability.

Every change of reservation or cancellation must be communicated to the Concierge by the 9pm of the day before the treatment. Otherwise, 100% of the booked treatment will be charged.

At Laqua Vineyard, we aim to provide our guests with a complete wellness experience while ensuring their safety. For this reason, the wellness area is not suitable for guests under the age of 16. However, all guests under 16 years old who wish to use our services are welcome when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm, we kindly recommend to book your treatments in advance to ensure the best availability.
For inquiries or reservations, please send an email to vineyard@laquaresorts.it

Guests should wait in the room until the therapist come to call them 10 minutes before the appointment.
In case of guest’s delay, the booked treatment will have a shorter duration according to the daily planning.

LAQUA Collection
Scopri LAQUA Collection

A collection of resorts that embrace North and South Italy. New intimate points of reference for hospitality dedicated to our guests, to allow them to regain time, size and mental and physical balance.

A collection of resorts that embrace North and South Italy. New intimate points of reference for hospitality dedicated to our guests, to allow them to regain time, size and mental and physical balance.

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